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Circus Arts United: Who We Are


You might know them as the producers and directors of Mystery Walk, downtown Fort Myer’s newest seasonal event, along with  Art Walk and Music Walk, making Fort Myers an event destination. If you haven’t heard of Mystery Walk, it’s something you don’t want to miss.


This group of local artists have been creating “out-side the box” art, music walks and festivals.  With a fire troupe of 50, hula-hoop team, unicyclists, belly dancers, flash mobs, dance teams, magicians, human statues, an amazing aerial silk team, and a group of street artists taking things to the next level, as well as, working with local bands to create the most epic entertainment in our area!  Circus Arts United can create just about anything and is available for events, as well.  Any idea that you have or want; from themed festivals to resorts, country clubs, to employee parties, Circus Arts United can provide unique, quality entertainment.

 Circus Arts United: How It Formed

The Circus Arts Movement started about 3 years ago when Brian Weaver, the founder,  was curious about the local art scene. New to the area, Brian found a limited amount of resources and venues for local artists to exhibit their work.

“After living in other parts of the country, I was surprised that there were not more places for new, up and coming talent to display their work. Young artists need to be encouraged, and it seemed the only avenues for a young artist to display their work were very expensive, or came with too many strings for a young artist to break through.” Brian Weaver

Weaver  decided to start his own small art festival and once the first show was organized,  Circus Arts was on it’s way……The feedback was immediate and completely positive..  The movement had begun.

Circus Arts United: What We Do

Now, you might think by the name Circus Arts United they are a circus, but Brian Weaver says:

“ ‘Yes and NO’.   Circus Arts United is group of local Artists, and that all Artists are welcome!  And we mean ALL;  from painters, welders, dancers, poets, fire spinners, jugglers.  Anything that you can create with your mind and or body.  It is, however, similar to the way a circus is run, but it’s an art circus, a Circus Arts United.”

Circus Arts United operates under the principle of allowing people to explore their own creative path. While the term “circus” has a pretty specific meaning in this country, it derives in Ancient Rome, meaning

“a troupe of performers, especially a traveling troupe, that presents such entertainments,as art, theater, comedy, music and animal acts”

CAU is a creative home for those who wish to explore the arts. .  In fact, even if you are not so creative but have a desire to learn, CAU will help, guide, teach, and mentor both young and old with the classes that are offered at the Epicenter.   That’s the United part, it’s about collaborating all forms of art and people as one!   Weaver understands that it is very hard to make it by yourself as an artist,  but when you’re united with a group of serious artists and practice, sky is the limit!

C.A.U. is die hard about the arts and their community. We believe that the world can be changed by art, that art for many is almost like a religion,– the key to happiness, love, freedom, and a way to truly express yourself.   “When you combine all these together, you have the power to change anything!  you are free”, as Brian Weaver states.

Circus Arts United: Where We Are

With all of this going on, Circus Arts United needed a work space, studio and rehearsal space. They needed room to train and create, place to keep the 10ftx10ft canvases they create on at the shows, as well as, all the other props and equipment. After a year of searching they found it:

Circus Arts Unted, The Epicenter … 1939 Dana Dr Fort Myers Fl,

Circus Arts United, presents The EPICENTER — A new Community Art Center where all are welcome!  Which brings us to the C.A.U motto:  “Love is Love, where art inspires life at the All Walks Of Art, Now called the Epicenter.”

The Epicenter is a place to hold educational type art classes, to teach, create and train but also a place where the local artist can do good, as well. C.A.U.  can raise money to help local non-profits and truly make a difference, not only through art, but through our community and others as well.

June 13th, The Epicenter is opening with their first event!!

Underground Battle of the Arts!  They are putting the word out, that if you’re an artist, this is the place to be. The first “Underground Battle of Arts” will be painters and poets, aka Street Artists and Rappers.  The goal with this concept, is to help local non-profits, the first being “Blue Crayonz”, an amazing new non-profit that help children and their families with Autism.  These events will also help artists to network and connect with other artists.

You guessed it:  ”unite, network, practice, train and do it all while having fun!”.

Through this journey they will make a documentary film of the artists and also of this monthly event in hopes of creating a community art blue-print documenter on how powerful art and music is to people and their communities.

The Epicenter will also focus on Cultural events as well. On June 27th percussionist Aiyb Dieing, best known for his work with Bob Marley and Mick Jagger, will be playing a very small and intimate show. Check out the Circus Arts United Facebook for more details and booking information.

“We have so much amazing talent like Aiyb in our area. And one of our goals is to showcase our neighbors, and our community with the talents they hold. A traditional venue might be reluctant to host Aiyb, as he is considered a master within the music industry, but not well known to the general public. We are excited to be the venue that can showcase the talents that live within our community.” Brian Weaver

Circus Arts United welcomes everyone at the Epicenter and asks for your support through this amazing movement!  Thank you

Please check out all up and coming events on Facebook

Circus Arts United

C.A.U, The Epicenter

Brian Weaver Art

“Love is Love”

 Circus Arts United and Calebs Crusade on Fox 4

Cape Coral will be hosting a one of a kind art show Saturday. Proceeds will go to benefiting Caleb’s Crusade an organization that raises awareness for childhood cancer.

Caleb’s Crusade was created in honor of a 4 year-old boy named Caleb who lost his battle with leukemia.

The event will be Saturday from 4:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. in downtown Cape Coral near Southwest 47th Terrace.

Watch more on the event and learn about Caleb’s Crusade by clicking the link below.

All Walks of Art Festival on Fox 4 News with Caleb’s Crusade Founder Rob Whan







Circus Arts United from David Maki on Vimeo.

Circus Arts United from David Maki on Vimeo.